Welion Sound system Speakers


immersive and captivating listening

It fits your car by a 100% flat & easy-fit structure
– H.O.P + aramid fiber cone woofer for rich and deep bass.
– PEN (Polyethylene Naphtalate) mid for smooth and clear high.
– High power handling,
Peak Power: 1400W
Rated Power: 700W

Welion Speakers

TS-A1349 600W

TS-A1010R 600W

TS-6904 1500W

TS-6902 1800W

TS-1336 600W

TS-1036 500W

FCS-69412 220W

FCS-6307 900W

CP-6521 1400W

TS-A1670S 1800W

Welion system Speakers

FT-106 50W

Voltage input: 110V / Sensitivity: 98db


4 Pics with different voltages & magnetics sizes

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